Poverty Workshop

Background information

The poverty workshop was organised by Südwind and took place in their office from 17:00 to 19:30. The workshop focused on food and the creation of short video clips presenting issues related to the topic. Twelve students were present and the YEA team was represented by Sanam and Fiona.


The Workshop which was held in German by Mrs. Téclaire Ngo Tam started with an introduction of the Sustainable Development Goals, in which the students, after looking at the video, had to describe each of them. After that, split up in two groups, the participants had to find links to food for every SDG and then discuss it altogether.

Then, a video clip was shown without the sound. Students described the movie as a ‘sad story’. The clip was shown again with the sound, which slightly changed the story. The aim of that exercise was to show that ‘Poverty has many faces’ and that words can make a big difference in such a clip.

Following that, the students had to create their own video clip related to food in about 30 minutes. The first group, thanks to vegetables and objects representing people, illustrated a rich family throwing away a vegetable, considered to be too ugly. The poor family looked for their food in the trash and was super happy about being able to eat the same, but according to them beautiful, vegetable

The second group presented a little play with Nestlé’s CEO as the main character. The businessman, seated in a fancy restaurant, was answering provocative questions as “Do you know how many lives you’ve taken” and answering, completely indifferent to those accusations without taking any responsibility.

During the whole workshop, students were really excited and proactive, leading to great movies.

Poverty Workshop report by Fiona Faulkner

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