Project Management Workshop

The workshop started around 5:10 pm with 10 students. Miss Weidel Started the workshop with definition of “project management”. She has tried several times to engage students into the topic by asking them questions, theirs ideas and their suggestions.

Miss weidel was completely familiar with concepts of other YEA wor
kshops and has tried to combine the topic with sustainable development goals. The EU and UN projects were discussed as example’s projects.
At the last 30 minutes of the workshop, the students were asked to write their own project proposal on the subject of youth and environment according to 10 crucial criteria
of a standard project. They started working as pairs and each group should evaluate the other group’s project ideas.

At the end, the students were asked for any feedback from Miss Weidel (the presenter). It seemed like they are very excited and fascinated by the workshop and the theme.

Project management workshop by Sanam Basharkhah

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