Environment Workshop

Background Information

The YEA 2016/17 Environment Workshop, conducted by Global 2000, took place on 30 of January at the office of Global2000 from 17:00 -19:00. The aim of the workshop was to arise the issues of climate change and discuss possible ways of implementing an environment friendly behaviour in the participations daily live. Seven out of sixteen students attended the workshop, and the YEA team was represented by Katharina.

Main event

The workshop started off by naming and discussing the reasons for climate change. By summing up important facts about how much climate change already affects our lives, Victoria Dlugopolski, Global2000 team member, pointed out how much CO2 is produced by industry, agriculture or animals. Victoria illustrated how much resources are used up in the different parts of the world comparing one continent to the others.

The students were “challenged” throughout the session to reflect their eating habits, their purchasing behaviour as well as their attitude towards the public transport system. The students were very engaged during the entire workshop, asking Victoria questions whenever they wanted furt
her information on something she spoke about, as well as when they wanted to raise a point about something that was not mentioned in her presentation.

Their engagement and questions showed that they are truly sensitized about the topic of climate change and already acting responsible.

To conclude the session, the students discussed their personal contribution for responsible use of (natural) re
sources and ways of improving it.

Workshop report by Katharina Schirmer

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