Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop


The main goal of the workshop was to give the students insights about the role of UNIDO in implementing youth entrepreneurship in different countries. The goal is also to increase their awareness about how UNIDO achieves the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through their projects. The Youth Entrepreneurship workshop took place on the 8th of March 2017 at the UNIDO
Office (Vienna International Center) from 16:00 to 17:30.There were 10 students who attended the workshop. The YEA team was represented by Jessica Lopez, Sanam Tiseh, and Ian Langner. The workshop was conducted by Matteo Landi from UNIDO. Everybody received a folder which includes information about the presentation and projects by UNIDO.

Main Event

The workshop started with a short introductory speech from Billy. Before officially starting with the presentation, everybody in the room made an introduction and said their expectations about the afternoon’s event. Most of the students have little knowledge about the topic of youth entrepreneurship that is why they were interested to know mo re about it. Matteo Landi welcomed everybody and began his presentation by giving introducing the SDGs. Subsequently, he explained what exactly UNIDO does as a specialized agency of the UN. This was a good introduction to let the students know what the role of UNIDO is in achieving the SDGs.

On to the main topic of the workshop, he explained UNIDO’s approach in implementing Youth Entrepreneurship to different countries. They do not only help the youth but also women. To make it clearer for the participants, he gave an example of what he has been working on. The country of Ethiopia was a challenging case because of the reluctance of government support (financial help) for youth/women to develop their enterprise. UNIDO’s role in implementing a project to help Ethiopia’s youth/women in terms of entrepreneurship are the following: UNIDO works with the specific government ministries; funds on adding entrepreneurship in school curriculum; develops business idea; initiates competitions for aspiring entrepreneurs; contacts local and international entrepreneurs; and finally develops an enterprise for the youth/women. All these and other process were mostly technical in details. Nonetheless, he was able to explain such processes in simple terms so that the students were able to understand them.


To conclude the workshop, Matteo Landi presented again the SDGs in more detail by showing a picture for every goal. These pictures showed UNIDO’s projects that were successfully implemented in countries like Ethiopia, Serbia, Tunisia, Zambia, and others. Towards the end of the workshop, the students asked various questions about youth entrepreneurship, UNIDO in general, among others. He was quite challenged to answer some of the questions, but he was glad that the students were very interested in knowing more. After the workshop, students, organizers, and other participants of the workshop all went to the UN lobby to have a group picture taken.

Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop Report by Jessica Lopez

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