Sustainable Development Goals Workshop

The Workshop was conducted by Teach for Austria on October 18th. It started with a summary of the organization’s aims and activities. The main program of Teach for Austria was clearly identified. Afterwards, they explained the connection between Teach for Austria’s work and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular, number 4:

„Ensure inclusive and quality education
for all and promote lifelong learning.“

At the second round of the Workshop, the students were asked to split into groups of four. Each group chose one of the SDGs 4 topics and discussed it within their team for almost 15 minutes. Once they finished, they were asked to suggest any possible barrier towards the implementation of the goal in their groups. An interesting discussion was created by the participants. They engaged in the conversation and pointed out their own views and perspectives. At the end, they shared their ideas with the rest of the students and enjoyed learning from each other’s opinions.

Sustainable Development Goals Workshop report by Helia Nazari

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