Climate Action Workshop

The first workshop of 2018 took place at Urban Innovation Vienna on January 11th and was all about Smart City Vienna, an initiative for climate action.

After a welcoming introduction of Mrs. Drin Mühlmann, who is the Senior Expert at the Smart City Agency, all participants had the chance to proof their knowledge about Vienna´s infrastructure in a quiz performed in groups. Afterwards she gave an overview about the organisation and the connections to the city of Vienna, the local administration (MA 18) and about urban development in general.

The Smart City Vienna framework strategy which defines goals for the development of a city that assigns priority to the issues of energy, mobility, buildings and infrastructure was introduced. It´s principle is to interlink quality of living, resources and innovation to achieve their overall objective which is “the best quality of life for all inhabitants of Vienna, while minimizing the consumption of resources”.

Since the initiative started in 2011, there were many changes since that time and UIV had to face new challenges. The lecturer created awareness about the difficulties of a huge institution which holds many different groups of interest.

After this general overview the current projects were presented. One of the most popular ones is “Sag´s Wien” which is an application that replaces the so called “Bürgertelefon”. With this application it´s possible to report concerns, danger points or malfunctions to the Vienna City Administration at any time and place in the city.

At the end of the workshop the students took the chance to ask some questions and finally the quiz was dissolved, and all the participants were rewarded. This workshop was entertaining and informative and provided deep insights into the organisation of UIV which belongs to Wien holding.

For more information visit their website!

Climate Action Workshop report by Maria Vogel

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