Cooperation Between Organisations Workshop

On January 22, Christiana Weidel, founder of The World of NGOs, visited us at the Vienna International Center to discuss fundamental and important questions such as: What are NGOs? How are they organized? What is their mission and how can they be differentiated from other forms of civil organisation?

While everyone had certain ideas about the nature of an NGO, it was surprising to learn about the great variety of NGOs in Vienna, all tackling different societal issues in their very unique way. The students had the possibility to do some further research on “education” and “lifelong learning” by using their mobile phones during the workshop. An impressive and motivating example for all was a project run by high school students who collected money to build schools in earthquake prone regions. It seems that, sometimes, all it needs is a vision and an ambitious team to make a difference.

Because of the great number of NGOs operating nationally and/or internationally, the students agreed upon how crucial it is to communicate and cooperate with each other. By sharing knowledge and by bringing in their particular strengths, goals can be reached more easily.

Cooperation Between Organisations Workshop report by Kim Kannler

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