Unser Team setzt sich aus jungen Menschen verschiedenster Studienrichtungen und Interessen zusammen. Was uns alle verbindet ist der Glaube daran, dass Bildung für eine nachhaltige Zukunft von großer Bedeutung ist. Daher arbeiten wir alle ehrenamtlich an dem YEA-Projekt, um junge Menschen auf aktuelle Probleme und Chancen aufmerksam zu machen und die Vision zu verwirklichen Bildung weltweit zu ermöglichen.

Billy Batware
UESF President
Billy is the founder and President of UESF and works at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Vienna. Billy is also Head of the Regional Academy on the United Nations (RAUN). He has a MA in international security studies and is pursuing his PhD at the University of Vienna.
Katharina Schirmer
Project Manager
Katharina is currently working at the University of Vienna. During her studies and work life, she gained experience with different Universities and educational systems. Being part of YEA means to her, to help and encourage others to find their own way.
Birgit Hartl
Project Manager
Birgit is working as an Education Partner Manager at whatchado, an Austrian startup focusing on employer branding and career orientation. During her studies she gained quite some international experience, among others she lived in Bolivia where she was assigned a consulting project on microfinance and higher education. Birgit is a CEMS alumna.
Ian Langner
Media & Communications Coordinator
Ian has recently startet with his bachelor in Political Sciences at the Hauptuniversität in Vienna. Also he is involved with the Austrian Red Cross, where he works as a paramedic. He was one of the first participants of the Youth Education Ambassadors program and joined the YEA Team in 2016.
Fiona Faulkner
Workshop Coordinator
Fiona studies in the Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy master program at the Wirtschaftsuniversität in Vienna. Her interests in development issues and cultural exchange led her to pursue various volunteering activities, such as teaching in Vietnam, as well as engaging in diverse organisations as the Youth Education Ambassadors program.
Lena Lang
School and Students Coordinator
Lena is enrolled in the master program of Political Sciences with a special focus on International Relations and Development Cooperation. She did a lot of research work on policies and infrastructure in Latin-American countries and spent therefore a few months in Ecuador to work voluntarily and to do some field research.
Carmen Gruber
School and Students Coordinator
Carmen is a lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, where she teaches courses in economic history and socio-economic development. She has lived and worked around the world, including in the USA, Japan, and Austria. She has worked in education for the past 10 years and is passionate about helping young people reach their potential.
Sanam Basharkhah Tiseh
Partnership Coordinator
Sanam is a PhD student in International Law at university of Vienna. Given her enthusiasm to the Human Rights led her to pursue her PhD project on humanitarian and International Trade Law. Her hobbies include Keeping up to date with International affairs, Travelling, discovering new places- cultures and people, Networking, Sport.
Stasia Lewicka
Project Consultant
Stasia is a business trainer, focusing on communication skills, and a project manager. She brings experience from international corporations and smaller companies in areas from administration, customer service throught marketing to IT. She runs workshops, trainings, consults project management issues, solves problems, cooks, gathers memories and people's stories.
Taryn Burns
Taryn is a new arrival to Vienna and comes to UESF/YEA from a career in educational publishing in the US and Canada. An international relations graduate who has both worked and studied abroad, she is excited to contribute to the development of the next generation of globally-aware citizens.
Manca Jurca
Manca finished her Bachelor of social work with the emphasis on social justice and social inclusion, and after moving to Austria found work in a different field - as a Corporate Sales Coordinator at Hilton Vienna. She has worked in various NGOs in Slovenia and Austria, and remains passionate about dedicating her time to supporting and empowering others.
Giorgio Piccirillo
Giorgio has an MSc in International Security from the University Bristol. He did his Erasmus in Spain and worked in Norway before coming to Austria. He speaks four languages and has a multilateral background in event management and communication. He joined UESF because he believes in the urgency to further empower inclusive education. He loves wine and politics.