Lari Bishop

Lari Bishop – Ghostwriter

I am a ghostwriter and editor of books, articles, and social media. I have written almost thirty books, including five best sellers.


For more than 20 years, I've been an editor, writer, and coach, specializing in the development of ideas—in book form primarily, but also in articles, social media, educational materials, workbooks, and more. My particular strength is helping authors refine their ideas into clear, engaging, enlightening content with a logical flow and memorable stories and models.

My background in book production, collaboration with platform and sales teams, and experience developing website content and resources to drive book sales helps me consider the bigger picture of author brand building.

What you'll hear most often from my clients is that I'm supportive, patient, and attentive to all of the small details that matter.

Please know that my base writing rate is $1.10 per word for long-form content. It increases for short-form content, depending on the nature of the project.
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English (US)

Work experience


Sep, 2013 — Present

—Write and edit books and short-form content
—Coach authors through the tricky idea development and writing process

Greenleaf Book Group

May, 2005 — Aug, 2013 (over 8 years)

—Oversaw the editorial development of about 70 titles per year, managing in-house editors and freelancers, and coordinating with design, marketing, and sales
—Wrote or performed developmental editing on 5-10 books per year
—Wrote approximately 300 editorial analyses of submitted titles

John Wiley & Sons

Sep, 2003 — Sep, 2004 (about 1 year)


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Richard S.

Richard S.

Feb, 2022

Lari was great. The book proposal we worked on together landed a contract with a major publishing house!

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