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We’re a remote team that loves books, writing and many other beautiful things. Join us.

Emmanuel Nataf


Likes to think he can take a cool photo

Matt Cobb

Designer, YE04 PCT

Sometimes makes illustrations

Ricardo Fayet

CMO, Spain

Voted 'best beard in publishing'... probably.

Vincent Durand

CTO, France

Ruby Dev. Stripe fan. Dad.

Martin Cavannagh

Content Marketer, UK

Rarely seen without a thermos of Nescafe

Ricardo Ferrolho

Frontend Developer, Portugal

Owns a t-shirt for every occasion

Yvonne Shiau

Content Marketer, USA

Climbed Kilimanjaro. Came back down as well.

Albert Ai

SEO Wizard, USA

The Dark Wizard of the Internet

Felicia Bengtsson

Social Media, Sweden

Frequently seen ’gramming #latteart

Alec Gibson

Developer, UK

Stands up for 3/4 of the day 👏

Savannah Cordova

Content Marketing, UK

Loves puns and iced coffee

Alexander Wright

Customer Happiness, Kenya

Slam dunk support

Bess Brownlee

Customer Happiness, USA

Flora little bit of help, ask Bess!

Prathima Appaji

Head of Operations, India

Oleg Petrov

Frontend Developer, Russia

Managing pixels and raising a son

Victor Borràs

Frontend Developer, Spain

Too many interests, zero time

Yana Ebbers

Community Outreach, Mexico

Spends her free time dancing

Raúl Gil

Illustrator, Spain

Sometimes designs


Customer Happiness, USA

Another actor. I watch Friends on repeat.


Customer Happiness, France

Dari, like milk.

Kleopatra Olympiou

Content Marketer, France

Has a tiny basil plant named Margaret Rogers

Victoria Jacobi

Community Growth, UK

German in Brit's clothing. Thinks Google Sheets is cool.

Mayara Benedetti

Growth Marketer, Canada

Always optimizing.

Laura Kerridge

Content Marketer, UK

Long story short, runs the short story contest.

Chris Emms

Customer Happiness, UK

Bread. Dogs. Soccer. Tattoos. In that order.

Thao Nguyen

Content Marketer, Vietnam

Amateur historian by night

Tim Ebbers

Data Engineer, The Netherlands

Coffee, Chocolate, Data, Repeat

Viviana Uribe

Customer Happiness, Colombia

Always happy to help! 😊

Lucija Hartmann-Natek

Customer Happiness, Germany

Stuck in a permanent 90s music revival period.

Shaelin Bishop

Resident YouTuber, Canada

Pedro Rodrigues

DevOps Engineer, Portugal

I'm just here for the lulz.

Dawid Kisielewski

Senior Full Stack Developer, Poland

Always uses Regret Minimization Framework

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