Nada Backovic

Nada Backovic – Designer

An experienced book designer working with major publishers and best-selling authors; Penguin Random, Harper, Hachette, Allen and Unwin +.


I am a graphic designer and illustrator born and trained in London at the University of the Arts London. I have dedicated my design career to becoming a specialist book designer and have accumulated vast experience with designing book covers and internals for major publishers and best sellers over the years, such as Random House, Harper Collins, Hachette, Pan Macmillan, Penguin Books and Australia's foremost independent publisher Allen and Unwin. I have designed covers for many bestsellling authors in some cases with 100's of 1000's of copies sold, including Kate Morton, Jodi Picoult, Minette Walters, Peter Fitzsimmons, Fleur MacDonald to name a few. Furthermore, I headed the design department at Allen and Unwin for 7 years. I have been running my own company for the past 18 years continuing to specialise in book design and illustration. Apart from major publishers, I also have many self-publishing clients. I have a wide variety of experience working across multiple genres, such as highly commercial, literary and historical fiction, historical non-fiction, biographies and self-help books, as well as highly illustrated cookbooks, gardening and text books. I am well known for having a strongly commercial eye and hitting the brief.

I work directly with publishers and editors. In the case of self-publishing, I work directly with the author and have a wealth of experience, advice and knowledge to bring to this working relationship. With the absence of a publishing team behind self-publishers, it can be difficult to understand how to approach a book cover or internal design. I can advise them on how to best approach the design brief in order to achieve the best results.
Biographies & Memoirs History
Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Thriller & Suspense Women's Fiction
  • Best Designed Commercial Fiction Book
  • Best Designed Literary Non Fiction Book

Work experience


Jul, 2002 — Present

Since 2002 I have operated my own business supplying all book design services to a wide variety of clients including Allen and Unwin, Penguin Random House, Hachette, HarperCollins Publishers, Random House, Melbourne University Press, Pan Macmillan amongst others, as well as with self-publishers around the world.. These services include, book cover designs, book internal designs, illustrations and typesetting.


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Carmel S.

Carmel S.

Jul, 2022

Nada is a designer of exceptional talent and I highly recommend her services. I engaged Nada Backovic to design a cover for my debut novel, The Diamond City and am extremely satisfied with the result. Nada is very professional and responsive, and is able to convey the main theme and mood of a book in a single image. I wouldn't hesitate to either recommend Nada Backovic to others, or to engage h...
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J. M.

J. M.

Jul, 2021

I am incredibly grateful to have met Nada through Reedsy, and to have her artistry, expertise, and experience in crafting a new cover design for "Daughters of Men". She was patient, thorough, and very collaborative as we explored concepts that would resonate with my target readers while reflecting the flavor of my writing. The result is intriguing, beautiful, unique, and in all ways a perfect...
Read more

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